Jonathan French has been creating beautiful wallpaper for more than 30 years. He trained in fine art painting at the Chelsea School of Art in London, learning about color and design. Later, by working closely with his mother, the internationally admired textile and wallpaper designer, he discovered a love of crafting fabrics and wall coverings. Drawing from fine art techniques, exacting details and the use of color saturated screens, Mayflower Wallpaper designs are creative works.
His passion for art, music and the big, wide world give him endless inspiration for novel patterns and colorful tones.
Jonathan moved with his three sons from London to Providence, Rhode Island in 2005. This journey led to the company's namesake, Mayflower Wallpaper in reference to the spirit of adventure that Jonathan maintains in his professional as well as his personal life. The Mayflower Wallpaper symbol of the Compass Rose illustrates the US in the west and the UK in the east, a nod to all of the places he calls home. 
Stephanie and Jonathan met during her holiday at his Airbnb home. An unconventional and unplanned form of online dating. After a year of traveling on weekends from Tiverton to Brooklyn, they made the leap: bye bye New York, hello baby and welcome aboard Mayflower Wallpaper. They now design, live and work together, brewing cups of tea and taking hikes in between.

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